The microsite for the 2016 Meeting has been launched. Please visit it at this adddress:

The OTS was launched in August 2013 at the OTSLogoEdinburgh Trauma Symposium and exists to be:
  • A forum for Orthopaedic Trauma surgery in the British Isles.
  • The focus for Orthopaedic Trauma research, training and education.
  • The organiser of scientific meetings on Orthopaedic Trauma.
  • The representative body for British Orthopaedic Trauma to Government, national bodies and organisations, and international organisations.

  • RCS - Location of the First Annual Meeting - 2014
  • The first OTS Committee
  • The 2015 Annual Meeting - University of Warwick
  • President Nigel Rossiter opening the 2015 Annual Meeting at the University of Warwick, Coventry
  • Industry Exhibition
  • Mr Bob Handley - Current President
  • Visit the OTS stand at the 2015 BOA Meeting


The OTS is an inclusive body representing the interests of all those treating Orthopaedic Trauma and two categories of membership are available:

  • FULL MEMBERSHIP: Full membership is open to consultant orthopaedic surgeons with an interest in orthopaedic trauma surgery, research and education.
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Associate membership is open to surgeons of all other grades, as well as nursing and other paramedical staff, with an interest in orthopaedic trauma surgery, research and education.

We are please to announce that OTS members will soon be able to access OrthoEvidenceorthoevidence

OE’s database has over 3,100 high impact evidence summaries from more than 360 journals of the highest-quality research published in orthopaedics.  The summaries help users get to the information they need within seconds, and critically appraise the quality of the research with their risk of bias and reporting appraisal scores. Evidence-based decisions can be made with confidence using the ACE Reports on OE as all content is based around Level 1 trials which are likely to impact practice. Members will informed shortly about how to access OrthoEvidence.